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DBANK Movie Strict Cowgirl Teacher Akiho Yoshizawa Getting detention at school is a drag....unless you were in Akiho Yoshizawa's class who demands you to strip off your pants and get straddled by the teacher until you're totally exhausted by her wild grinds.DBANK Movie Father In Law Bang My Pussy Akiho Yoshizawa During the week while my husband was away, my father in law buys all these SM equipment back home and decides to fuck my pussy all week every day. Akiho Yoshizawa AV Idol Akiho Yoshizawa goes to one of those male hostess clubs in kabukicho and sees if she can get seduced by one of the handsome Japanese guys working ass a gigolo.DBANK Movie Chastity Belt Akiho Yoshizawa She just wont go away and she gets a huge film!Akiho Yoshizawa is fitted with a chastity belt and placed in a locked room where she will experience sex withdrawl symptons. DBANK Movie30 Mins With Father In Law Akiho Yoshizawa Akiho Yoshizawa's husband loves to take long baths.Althought her technique is sorta on the lazy side, she shows great enthusiasm in her work with tons of of shyness.

DBANK Movie Unicycle Police Woman Akiho Yoshizawa Police woman uniform cosplay video with superstar Akiho Yoshizawa.

Unlike the typical police bicycle, Akiho rides a unicycle around to solve stupid crimes, like a lost bra.

Nevertheless, it's just a uniform video and a sexy one.

Akiho Yoshizawa is practically the ultimate queen of AV.

Although her popularity has been surpassed now by younger girls after 2014, she's still the real experienced AV Idol. Akiho Yoshizawa Determind elderly care nurse, desert girl and more. She's called in some of the parent of some of her students to come in for a meeting.

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