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After the president hangs up, Mika snaps back into action, declaring the man is mentally ill and has entered a state of psychosis.

"i have met a lovely lady and, we are living together only after 17 days ..thxs" - cheeky1always "I joined this site out of curiosity.

Gallimore shows off the female anatomy and muscle structure as well as any artists I have ever seen, demonstrated on Pages 22 - 25 showing off a variety of Gallimore's well muscled, nude warrior women.

The DVD is two films on the one disc, a step away from many previous Warner Archive Collection doubles which were 2-discs.

For the cold open, the episode opted for a sketch that worked on two levels: skewering the pair’s famously cringe-y years of on-air flirting — now that their status as an item is confirmed — as well as bringing in the inescapable character whom everyone, including Alec Baldwin, wishes he could stop playing.

Kate Mc Kinnon and Alex Moffat play Joe and Mika as they discuss the passage of the AHCA through the House of Representatives, while simultaneously making everyone else want to crawl through the floor. And then they move toward one another, inexorably, as if the electromagnet between them is slowly cranking up.

His work is in the finest tradition of glamour pioneers Gil Elvgren, Rolf Armstrong and Mel Ramos.

Page 7 features one of my favorite Cartegena paintings "Alley in Silk" as the beautiful model lies in a bed of silk, pink sheets doing her best 1950's Marilyn Monroe pose.

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