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Also what pound downrigger balls do you prefer when slow trolling and how far should I put the bait out from the Downrigger ball when slow trolling menhaden? yes braid is the answer but leave wire on spool as backing as the braid will cut the spool. we use a 8 lb ball but if lot of current go to a 10.

The clearer the water the further back from the ball, typically 25 yards. Not sure how they feel about 30 , but if swell not too bad getting out the inlet, you could hug the beach off the big hill, Yaupon, or Oceancrest and maybe get bit.

Once water gets higher into the grass, bait and fish start to spread out.As far as the OIB bridge goes, the black drum bite has been hit or miss there lately.It was off the chain in June, but has pretty much disappeared altogether since July. Shallotte Inlet around the docks and sea wall at Inlet View bar and grill has been producing as of late.OIFC will have boats fishing everyday that they can get out. A red and black feather is good, cedar plugs, and smaller ballyhoo. We mix feathers in spread when trolling for wahoo with bigger baits.What type set up do you guys use for blackfin tuna? Years ago we caught a lot of Yellowfin from OIB but something happened and they disappeared and never came back to our waters. The Kings were at the Horseshoe before the recent cold fronts. If water at HS has cooled push on off toward the Tower.

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