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I smiled a huge greeting, wrapped my arms around his neck as soon as he came in.

I pressed myself up against him, the nudge of his cock told me I was doing the right thing. I was dressed to kill, even he had never seen me like this. He constantly tried to get a hold of me, I eluded him every time saying.

I have taken to tying him to the bed and blindfolding him. I had practised this so I knew the knots were good to go.

Then pretend I have another lover, sometimes a woman, sometimes a man, some old, some young, black, white, all sorts. "Coming baby, I'm coming, be ready," I called back. I made sure he had movement, didn't want him to stop blood circulation did I?

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It has made him question me about maybe, 'opening' up our marriage.

"You," I murmured into his ear "are in for the weekend of your life." It was Friday night. I was being the vixen, the fox, he had always wanted me to be. "Not yet tiger, upstairs, straight after this, whenever you are ready." I was wearing a soft calf leather mini skirt, a matching top, a bit like a waist coat, my cleavage well on view.

Nylons that swished when I moved, high backless heels.

My long blond hair up, just the way he loves it to be.

I had done my face to make me look like the innocent little school girl that gets him as hard as a rock.

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