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Why is my IP address range, or mail server, or mail domain banned?Certain IP address ranges, mail servers, and mail domains have been banned or blocked because they've been repeatedly used by people or bots who register solely to spam the site. This generally only affects registrations from outside North America.For examples of ATV-related sites, please view our Resource Directory.Sites which will guarantee immediate username deletion include but are not limited to links-only sites, pharmaceutical sites, gambling sites, adult sites, hate sites, and any site deemed unsuitable for our members.Others such as Yahoo do not accept email sent from unless the domain has been previously entered as an accepted domain.You might try a different email address such as the one assigned to you by your ISP.If you are using a free email service, check your Junk folder.

If you think you've been deleted in error, send an email to "info at quads dot ca" with the pertinent details.

Where can I find more specific info about using the forums and private messaging? Why do my photos in the galleries have a slightly different colour tint than how I submitted them? The fonts are too small; how can I change the size? Why can't I access the discussion forums or chat room?

Why is my IP address block, or mail server, or mail domain banned? Why didn't I receive the confirmation email after registering?

In MSIE, this is done by clicking Tools - Internet Options - Delete Cookies (or similar, depending on your version of MSIE).

This only affects you if you have auto-logon enabled. Yes; as long as your ATV club or group is non-profit, will host your discussion forum(s) for free. open to all, members only, readable by all but posting by members only, etc. Users who register solely to post a link to their non-ATV or non-ATV-related commercial website are considered spammers and are deleted without warning.

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