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Function inlining occurs when the function body of a called function is inserted, or inlined, into the caller’s body as if it was part of the caller’s source, thereby saving the overhead of function invocation and return (register saving and restore).In performance sensitive code paths, inlining could provide up to 20-30% performance boost.

Please give us some information if this is at least discussed/planed for future versions...

Similarly, when trying to inline functions that are coming from another context or script file, the cost of work that needs to be done (like providing the contextual information) could outweigh the performance benefits that inlining provides.

During the development of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, we gathered some data from the existing web to understand how Chakra’s inlining optimization was working on the web.

If I use sencha compile concat, or sencha fs minify, how can I do it?

How do I pass those additional options (--create_source_map & --source_map_format) to the closure compiler?

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